zondag 12 mei 2013

My favorite stores

Hey guys! Today I was looking at some online shops and I realized how big my love is for some online stores, but also stores which are fun to go to and which just have amazing stuff, and I really wanted to share that with you!

first off: brandy melville, you guys must have heard from it. They get attention through social media like instagram and their photo's are really cool. They have the cutest clothes and a lot of signature tees which are really popular like the sadie moon tank or tees with famous quotes from movies, for example: "you can't sit with us." from mean girls. Overall, I think Brandy Melville is an amazing shop with a great concept and it's sad that I live in Holland so I can't order online and so I have to go to Amsterdam to check out Brandy.
< graphic tees from brandy.
 (instagram: @brandymelvilleusa)

2. top shop, this shop has the best clothes and they have a lot of celebrities shopping at their stores. Topshop is always really up to date with new trends and if you want to find a new trendy look, you can always find it at topshop! The prices aren't really cheap and some items can be really overpriced but they have amazing clothes and it's not only expensive clothes, the cheaper clothes they have are also very cute and fashionable. I was just looking at their site and they have really nice high waisted denim shorts at the moment, I can't wait for summer!
< photo taken from topshop's instagram (@topshop)

3. Primark, it's really sad Primark doesn't have an online store, because they are a-ma-zing! The prices are to die for and they always make sure to get the new trends and fashion styles, but for a completely price so you can go absolutely crazy and buy a lot of stuff for not that much money but still be in fashion! 

4. forever 21, I absolutely love forever 21 since I was in the USA 2 years ago, now we don't have a forever 21 in Holland and the shipping prices are ridiculous, I still can't stop myself from ordering something from their site sometimes. The clothing and accessories they have are all just a lot of fun and fashionable, and they have a lot of different styles and items, which I love. I've been loving their beach wear a lot lately, it's all really cute and fun and they really keep up with the upcoming trends! The apparel just really makes me want to go to the beach all day and watch cute boys surf, hang out with friends and get really tan.
< lovely outfits taken from instagram (@forever21)

Of course there's a lot more shops I absolutely love, but it would take way too long to show them all to you guys, since there are too many haha! I hope you guys like these shops as much as I do!

Is there a store you love which isn't on this list? Let me know, I'd love to check it out!

Love, Luca ♥

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  1. haha I love primark too! Cute post , keep on the good work xx